Chocolate Cookies: An Important Part of Sanity

When I get stressed out, I bake. It just happens. It serves as a rather delicious coping mechanism, if I do say so myself. As it so happens, the past few days I’ve been extremely stressed, and had a completely inexplicable craving for chocolate. I knew there were about fifteen boxes of brownie mixes in the pantry, but we had those earlier this week, and I wanted something different. Thankfully, my Aunt is pretty big on baking as well, so I knew there were all sorts of ingredients to be found within the wonderland of her kitchen. 

It seemed as though the baking gods were trying to send me a sign. When I opened up the pantry, the following things were right up front, saying “Use me!”:

- Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Chips

- Cocoa Powder

- Brown Sugar

- Sugar

- Flour

As any baker knows, these are the main ingredients for extra chocolatey chocolate chip cookies. I gathered up the rest of the ingredients, and quickly whipped up deliciousness in the form of these:  

They’re fantastic, and gloriously simple to make. 

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